EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment

EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment
EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment
EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment
EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment
EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment
EU stock No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 39 39 IP54 30KM 1 5day Delivery in Electric Scooters from Sports amp Entertainment

Product Specification

Brand Name: KUGOO

Foldable: YES

Range Per Charge: 30km

Power: 350w

Voltage: 36v

Charging Time: 4h

Applicable People: Unisex

Certification: ce

Category: Two-wheel Scooter

Model Number: KUGOO S1

Tire Size: 8 inch

Product Type: KUGOO S1 Electric Scooter

Speed Mode: 15km/h; 25km/h; 30km/h

Battery: 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack

Max. Speed: 30km/h

Max. Load: 120kg

Permissible Gradient: 15degree

Battery Capacity: 6AH

Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor

Max. Motor Rotate Speed: 700R/Min

Motor Rated Voltage: 36v

Max. Torque: 13.3N.M

Waterproof Grade: IP54

Climbing Gradient: 15degree

Wheel Size: 8 inch Solid Rear Anti-Ski

Braking Distance: 4m

Product Weight: 11kg

Package Weight: 15kg

Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS,MSDS

Color: Black, Blue, White,Pink

Plug Type: EU


[EU stock] No tax KUGOO S1 350W Electric Scooter Adult Folding Speed Electric Scooter 3 Speed Modes 8 Inche IP54 30KM 3-6day



The product can only be sent to the following countries:

Austria, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy.


We here normally send the product after 1-2day, and it will arrive your country in 2-7day.  



1. 8 Inch Solid Rear Anti-Skid Tire
2. 3 Speed Running Modes
3. One key for Speed Control, One is for Braking. And a monitor for you to check the control information.
4. Strong Power and Running 30km: 350w Motor, 30km Running Distance.
5. LCD Display Screen. You Could check the Speed, mileage, time, power, stop, voltage, etc information via the Display Screen.
6. Front LED Light & Safety Warning Taillight
7. Shock Mitigation System
8. Folding Handle
9. Adjustable Height to 930mm, 1070mm, 1160mm.



KUGOO S1 VS Xiaomi M365

KUGOO S1 Folding Electric Scooter
Product Weight 11KG l 30km/h Max Speed l 120KG Max Load Capacity 
950 (1)950 (2)
Smart Driving System
The KUGOO S1 has a revolutionary dual breaking system that allows you to slow
down by using the left throttle, and full-stop with the back break.
950 (3)
8 Inch Large Tire
Rainy day/ wetland l Sandstone l Slope l Small Obstacle l Flatland
The S1 has durable anti-skid tires that
allow for multi-terrain riding
950 (4)
15-degree Incline
The S1 has a 350w motor that can power
Ip slopes
950 (5)
Smart Operating Driving System and Multi-Function Color Display
Abandoning the traditional handle brakes, we choose the thumb brake 
desc346873_5950 (6)
Hold down this button and pull the handlebars out to fold.
Front wheel damping system
Build-in hock absorbing spring
Rear wheel damping system
Rear wheel damping is located at the bottm of the pedal
Luminescent lED Headlight
24 LED lights allows for a longer range of sight while saving 40% more energy than standard lights.
Back Break Safety Light
The back safety light will make you more visible to other vehicles.
950 (11)950 (12)
Durable sleek
The S1 not only looks good but it was also built to last
950 (7)
120KG Load Capacity
Extra Durable Aluminium Alloy frame
950 (8)
Easy to fold Store
Go from the road to your office in seconds
950 (10)950 (13)950 (14)346872_0346873_2346874_2360748_1950 (15)950 (16)950 (17)


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Brand: KUGOO
Type: Electric Scooter
Model: KUGOO S1
Color: Black, White, Blue

Specification Speed Mode: 15KM/H; 25KM/H; 35KM/H
Battery: 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack
Max. Mileage: 30 KM(Depends on Road and Driver Weight)
Max. Speed: 35km/h
Max. Load: 120KG
Light: Front Lamp, Tail Light
Permissible Gradient(Depends on Your Weight): 15 degree
Battery Capacity: 6AH
Battery Voltage: 36V
Motor Type: Brushless DC Motor
Motor Rated Power: 350W
Max. Motor Rotate Speed: 700R/Min
Motor Rated Voltage: 36V
Max. Torque: 13.3N.M
Charging Time: 4H
Waterproof: IP54
Climbing Gradient: 15 Degree
Wheel Size: 8 inch Solid Rear Anti-Skid Tire
Braking Distance: 4M
Weight & Dimensions Product Weight: 11kg
Package Weight: 15kg
Product Dimensions: 1050 x 450 x 930/1070/1160mm(Unfold)
Folding Size: 960 x 210 x 330mm
Package Dimensions: 1030 x 210 x 405mm
Package Contents

1 x Folding Electric Scooter
1 x EU Charger
1 x Adapter 
1 x User Manual



1.How to use KUGOO S1 Folding Electric Scooter?
Please slide at 5km/h and then stand on the scooter. Press the thumb with your right hand down to accelerate. When decelerating, you can use the left hand to gently press the thumb to turn the brakes. When it is too fast, the speed can be reduced by step on the physical reducer above the rear wheel.  
2.Can I ride this electric scooter if My weight is over 120kg? 
Weighting over 120kg is not completely unusable. You need to drive it more gently. In addition, as the weight rises, the scooter's ability to climb and overcome obstacles will decrease. Please be careful to ride as much as possible.
3.Can I ride it on rainy days?
KUGOO S1 have a degree of Waterproof design, But for safety reason, Do not ride on rainy days, do not soak the Electric Scooter.
4.Does it have a speed limit?
KUGOO S1 has a three-speed mode:
Level 1: Max 15km/h (suitable for younger or novice user)
Level 2: Max 25km/h,
Level 3: Max 30km/h.
5.How long is the battery life?
This scooter uses the Zhuoneng ternary lithium-ion battery pack with a service life of 500 times or more, and the cycle charge and discharge is not less than 70% of the rated capacity. Note: When the battery pack is not used for a long time, it is recommended to replenish the battery every three months or so. Do not disassemble any battery in the battery pack.
6.How long is the warranty? What is the price of spare parts?
The warranty of battery and charger is 6 months. And body structure hardware is 1 year. Please contact seller about other parts warranty and price.


Scooter Test 

In order to let you have more clear image for the kugoo S1, we send the test video in the page and we also attach some photo at the bottom ,we hope it can be your ideal choice :)and for this product we also have some spare part on sale ,if you need, you can contact us :)






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Commetns :
Fast shipping within Europe > No tax is good! Not 100% quality but ok. Folding the scooter is a drama, I had to fix the problem before things would brake (easy fix by the way) Topspeed as discribed, distance I still need to verify, fingers crossed!

Love them .. Sturdy, good battery good speed... It's not the best out there i think but good enough for that price!

Good scooter, i liked. Ordered the second he liked the friend. Just want to change the rear wheel to inflatable and put the disc brakes on the rear wheel.

Received in 7 days, long did not send until canceled the order, so i put 4 stars

Very bad brakes. Several times they stopped working downhill. I ended up on the ground with abrasions at 25km/h. I recommend the product only on a flat surface.

Great scooters for the money. Speed is up to 30km/h as advertised. Rider that weighs ~85kg can expect ~20km distance.

Arrived within 1 week. works well, I think it's a good product.

All good product came before i'm happy with the seller recommend

i took 9 days to Copenhagen from Poland they claimed 5 to 6 days, so including weekend i think its fine, about the product i will write latr haven't tried it properly yet.

Ahoj, Kolobežka them super a vyzerá výborne, všetko Bolo v poriadku najmä komunikácia s predajcom. Už máme prvé Km and zatiaľ funguje výborne. Ďakujem.

Perfect product, it's arrived in just a week. All very well packed and protected. Very affable seller contact

Fast and perfect

quick delivery ,item looks ok

Teusday ordered, Friday at home. nice. product looks good, works good, breaks are also ok, suspensors working, tried in my apartment and its hell of a fun. i will more after road tests

Scooter seems to be normal i'll try to write off

Very satisfied for the moment

verry good. from poland, only 3 days! thank you

Fast delivery, in great condition. And full charge, so could starting right. Very nice!

Monday ordered Wednesday in house within the delivery deadline! Top speed max 29 km/h (my weight 60 kg) on fully charged battery! Average 26 km/h. I have now 8km driven and there is 1 block battery off so operating radius 30km is certainly achievable! The brakes work very well inhibits very quickly is getting used once just it is no longer difficult! Lighting and display work fine! 1 small minus the hooter had more sound may produce! So overall, though: I recommend this step and seller to!!!! Buy this step and you get there definitely not regret

We are very satisfied.

Very powerful scooter, nice ride I am 104 kg and top speed is 27~28 so good enough . Came for 10 days.


hello user manual its the more langue its good, the baterry its full ready to go, i hope also latter work properly.


Identical to the description... there is only to test ....

really great e-scooter! received in a short period. thank you very much!

It's woriking very well yet.

Shipping in 6 days, well packed, everything works perfectly, i am very happy, thank you.


Super scooter! For its price is very even! I liked that the old-fashioned foot is quite easy to repel (the motor does not brake hard), which is very important! If you do not press the gas in the floor and help sometimes with your feet, you can very solid drive, 30 km easily! In mixed mode and 40 km are possible. Good suspension, tubeless tires for me only plus. The onboard computer of medium quality and light, too, is perhaps the only minus that noticed in this product. In general, very satisfied. Thank you!

Great scooter, nice display

Conclusion for the money it is ok. Handles have flex, one has more than other. 6 AH battery is too small. Wen voltage goes under 37 V, you can feel it is not same strength, but according to bars it is more than half of the battery. Breaking hard on road made rear wheel get flat spot. Now riding with constant banging sound (hope will go away with wear). Best to use on smooth roads, it has suspension, but it is far from comfortable. Construction very solid, folding gets easier after some use. Electric break feels like it works on random mode, very big difference down hill and even road, hard to get use to it. Acceleration very uneven, best to use full power, too sensitive handle. Cool feature cruise control, after long press speed handle to max it will maintain speed. My weight 75 kg.

Super, kolobezka vsetko funguje, Len one zla VEC hrozne tazsko SA sklada. Inak relaxed

Very good product. It took him very little to arrive.

. Good skate

The folding mechanism is not working properly. Otherwise good product, as described.

Great original scooter! Battery 6.5Ah 250Wh at least! 19km range with 100+kg man at hilly conditions, recharge time about 4h. Fast shipping honest seller good communication! Recommended!

Excellent product. Fast shipping. Fast acceleration, strong engine break. Tempomat is a super feature.

i like it

Amazing scooter!! 4 days delivery to Prague (including weekend), very well packed, delivered by DPD to the door. After 30 km ride all working perfectly. I totally recommend the scooter and the seller!

Scooter received in england for 5 days, once drove all normal, i will ride a couple of days i will leave an additional review.

Everything is fine. Just back wheel is not good on bumps but its not that bad. im 110 kg and with full charge i can reach 28 km/h With speed number 3 i can go about 18 km.

Great product, I'm very happy with it..

Very good scooter, fulfilled all my expectations.

robust and sturdy

Very fast delivery to England!! Thank you seller. Let’s hope that product will last long. Anyway really quick delivery and cheaper than other sellers.

Very satisfied with the product. Fast shipping. First ride was great (the torque is scary strong needs some time to get used to) overall amazing so far

Pristatymas 5 dienos. Labai jautrūs stabdžiai

Item as described. The shipping was very fast.

Max speed on flat surface 28km/h, range about 16-20km with head light turned on (My weight is about 105kg, so I guess that's normal). At this point I'm very satisfied by the product.

It came in 2 days. Everything works well. Drove on one charge about 25 km at a weight of 90 kg. Slightly harsh compared to the famous brand. And the control panel is done unsuccessfully. When falling, it breaks into trash. The brake is very sharp. Need привыкать. And so for their money on flat asphalt is very good!

Amazing scooter!! 4 days delivery to Prague (including weekend), very well packed, delivered by DPD to the door. After 30 km ride all working perfectly. I totally recommend the scooter and the seller!

Order of 17-07-2019, arrived the 24-07-2019. Made with preloaded battery test and truly a missile. With weight 85kg arrived without fatigue at 26 km/h. Product with performance same as description. Reliable seller. Heartfelt thanks to the seller. 10X

It's a great scooter for the price, for the time being very good. Shipping takes longer than announced, and i also had to pay 10 extra euros after i made the purchase. That's why i leave 4 stars instead of 5

It's arravied in 4 days, everything is fine.

Scooter is quite fast and good build. worth this money.

So far so good.

bad . Some screws were missing.

It is a good scooter, but it is a little bit hard to open and fold.

Delivery week. My weight is 97 kg accelerates max. up to 21 km/h. the handles are flimsy. On the paving slabs is quite a strong vibration.

I 've been testing the scooter and it's hard to reach 30 km/h, you'll have to see how about the next few days


The product arrived in one week

Product complies with the description one of the best price quality. I would like a cover instead of arm guards.

This is the second all well seller recommend all very quickly

The scooter is exactly as described. I have 86 kg and i can reach 30 km/h with ease, the baterry regeneration is amazing, i can go over 30 km without recharging . Highly recommend this product!!!

I was surprised by the strength of this scooter. There is a need to test it for a few days to give a wider opinion. As for weight is lighter than others and handlebar folding makes it easier to transport in the trunk of the car. It could improve the headlamp and the folding lever goes very hard, i guess using will be easier to use.

Am facut comanda pe 6.04 a plecat spre mine in 8.04 si a ajuns pe 11.04. Pachetul a venit cu DPD Romania. Produsul a venit intreg cu toate ca erau semne de despachetare. Sunt foarte multumit de trotineta. Pare mai puternica si mai robusta decat xiaomi. De timpul de transport nu mai vorbesc. De pret nici atat. Vanzatorul merita toata increderea.

Ahoj, Kolobežka them super a vyzerá výborne, všetko Bolo v poriadku najmä komunikácia s predajcom. Už máme prvé Km and zatiaľ funguje výborne. Ďakujem.

very good scooter. very good customer service. recommend this product. thanks you

excellent performance for the price, great seller (quick responses). arrived per DPD in perfect condition.

came in good package, no damage. however suspension and damping ability is poor. a lot of vibration and feedback from the the road can be felt when riding

Looks very good! Fast delivery!

Fast Delivery (order Wednesday evening, delivery vrijdagmorgen) in perfect order, Scooter drives great!

Great item. Very fast delivery. Thank you seller.

Excellent product and fine purchase! Highly recommended seller

very nice, fast enough for city use. brake is bit too efective but after 5km use feels ok. Tried for 6km trip, all ok.

Great kick scooter gate valve as lightning not advise you use at home I pecyną zarąbałem in wardrobe at sample check as it works. Wnuczek is wniebowzięty.

Great step, within 1 week at home when you the fastest stand used can you on 1 battery 20km steppes. Charging 5 hours recommended 5 Stars!!!

Excellent scooter, delivery, as promised 6

Perfect, very happy with this purchase. It's just as se d is cribe, as for speed it arrives 30 km/(an 80 kg persana) is quite resistant, the wheels hold pretty good. the only one but p is a (about 12-15 kg) otherwise it's perfect.

Have had this scooter for about 3 weeks now. Shipping was fast: ordered on thursday midnight to arrive tuesday morning (from Poland to Belgium). Battery was almost fully charged. Need to know: charging 0-100% takes 4h, the suspension and tired aren’t the best as they are not air inflated, max speed is 30km/h but topspeed can only be reached in full battery mode, folding is very easy and the scooter is compact. Overall, I like the bike a lot and I use it a lot. Don’t think you can find a better deal at this price range. I most def recommend this product and the sellers. Arvind

This scooter has very hard plastic wheels and vibrates a lot with every bump you catch, the damping does not absorb irregularities from the biciclane and in wet slips a lot. I opened a dispute to return it. If i had softer wheels then i wouldn't be bad as a scooter.

very good scooter evrithing is ok and 3 days in arrive to Hungary thank you fast delivery

max speed 27km/h

Three days processing, five days shipping, culturally delivered to the house intact. It seems that everything works and is intact (do not forget that this is a chinese clone scooter at an adequate price). No claims.

While i really like everything came quickly!!!

It is a high quality product!

In LV received it quite fast! The best quality!

Very good seller and delivery service., Scooter perfect with my 95 kg realbrush25km without problems., Use already 3rd week 146km mileage-super recommend!

What i thought, i have to try, and i tell you


Tanks it is great!:)

After a short try, seems like a really good product for the price. Even if I'm 183cm/95kg.

Exactly as described, looks perfect. Operation is perfect

Comanda facuta in 26.08-primit produsul in 02.09 cu gls, direct acasa. Neasteptat de repede. Cutia usor deteriorata give trotineta nu this affectata. Am testat-or putin if functioneaza bine. Stop ok, zdravana, usor raspunde i started it. Abia astept sa ii testez viteza, distanta parcursa, etc.

First seen on c discount at 340 euros. Received in 10 days. For the speed on the plate I roll at 29 km/h (I weigh 85 kg). Small rating 25/26 km/h. Real autonomy 20/25 km Real. The big minus, in the ad it is written that the scooter is ip54. Water resistant. Except that in the record it is written that No. I'm waiting to see...

Very fast shipping and a very good scooter. As described.

Delivery within 2 days, some need pokombinować to place, at high speeds brake is weaker thankfully because możnaby overfly forward. Inhibiting pamiętajcie about przesunięciu center of gravity backward, Summarize: a great buy :-)

It took almost two weeks to arrive, meets the announced, the only catch is the rear wheel, being so thin a pulley with a certain ease when pillar a gap between pavers, but it's not something that's hard to control. When folded it becomes quite small. Satisfied.

Battery isnt as good as described. Overall is ok for that price 4/5.

Got in 3 days to lithuania, everything is super. Thank you seller!!! :)



The seller is quick to respond. Fast delivery. Good packed but broken display :( it's okay the seller will help out. It's the delivery company's fault. they are not careful. I'm guessing.

super scooter

The product works correctly

This L never do more.. 300 euro poorer and no step.. Step is never delivered. Find the terrible because 300 euro is much money what I lost Ben.. Bad thing.. Say they delivered have and never what received.. And a disappointed child home

very good product,fast delivery,very satisfied

Everything looks consistent there is only to start serious seller very good communication no customs for France